The New Board and results of votes at general meeting

Voting Results

The voting and elections have taken place. All bylaws have been accepted: the Charter with 32 against 1 vote, the "Rite de passage" with 30:3 and the Academic Council with 27:5. For the Academic Council, the amended version of the text has been preferred with 29 over 3 votes. The text of all bylaws will be made available on the International Fab Lab Association page on the fabfolk wiki (http://wiki.fablab.is/wiki/Fab_Lab_Association)

The activity (policy) plan for 2011 and 2012 has been accepted with 26:2 votes, the budget with 31:0, setting the membership fee for 2011 at zero and 2012 at EUR 20.


Elected into the new board of the association are (short motivation statements below):
Alex Schaub2779.41%
Axel Sylvester2264.71%
Betty Jo Barrett2779.41%
Hiroya Tanaka2779.41%
Lindi Mophuthi2470.59%
Pieter van der Hijden
Peter Troxler2676.47%
Sherry Lassiter2985.29%
The audit committee consists of
Jenine Bressner, Makeda Stephenson, Scott Zitek.

Motivation statements by board members:

Alex Schaub

Fablab Manager Amsterdam since 2007 @ Waag Society's Fablab Amsterdam. Advised most initiatives in europe on Fablab, recently coresponsible for initiating and setting up the first south east asia HONFablab (http://honfablab.org). I'de like to join the board to strengthen international knowledge sharing and methods of it, and to improve ways to use of the Video Conferencing facilities.

Axel Sylvester

I'm Axel Sylvester from Hamburg Germany. 2010 I joined a local initiative that aims to open a Fab Lab in our town. Since two month we have a temporary room and I am one of the Fab Lab managers and head of the club's executive board.

I want to support the community and want to expand the relation of our fab lab to other fab labs in the world.

Betty Jo Barrett

It would be an honor to help build an international fab lab community. My experience includes volunteer work in starting up and running a community lab, participation in the Fab Academy, and a deep knowledge of sociotechnical systems.

Hiroya Tanaka

Hiroya Tanaka, Ph.D in Engineering, is an associate professor of Keio University Japan. He is the founder of fablab Japan, and a manager of fablab Kamakura.

Hiroya would like to connect fablabs in the world and is especially interested in Asian connections. "We Asian people have language issues. I'd like to find the best solution to this problem in collaboration with all fablab members all over the world."

Lindi Mophuthi

Ms Lindi Mophuti is South African FabLab Network Coordinator/ Manager. She wants to join the board to strategically participate in worldwide FabLab's efforts to educate, distribute research, personal fabrication, possible business incubation and encouraging government involvement.

Pieter van der Hijden

International consultant on organization, information and ict and frequently working in developing countries, especially in Suriname. There he paved the way for Waag Society to establish Fab Lab Suriname. He attended Fab6 and proposed there a Fab Lab global structure which resulted in chairing a workgroup and currently chairing the newly born International Fab lab Association.

I want to continue to be a Board member for one more year to have the association really up and running.

Peter Troxler

Peter Troxler, formerly project manager for FabLab Amsterdam; I am supporting organisations and communities to set up their own Fab Lab, I am guiding Fab Labs on their way to becoming financially sustainable, and I am helping building the international Fab Lab community.

I want to become a member of the first regular board to continue the community building work we started at Fab6 and to share with the association my long standing experience in shepherding communities and a deep understanding of the management of not-for-profit organisations.

Sherry Lassiter

I am Sherry Lassiter Program Manager at the Center for Bits & Atoms and Secretary Treasurer of the Fab Foundation in the US. I helped to start the FAb Lab Program at MIT and have helped shepherd its growth internationally since 2001.

I want to be on the Board to continue my work helping the network to grow and to become an enabling and effective force in technical education, development and community challenge resolutions.